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Naved Ali

Dip Surveying (AUS), MBA (UK)

(Founder) CEO & Managing Partner

Naved started his career off as a mine surveyor in Australia. Being registered with the SSSI (AUS) and moving forward with his interest in project management, he further studied his MBA from the University of Northampton (UK) and grounded himself within the GCC. Compiling his project management and technical advisory experience, Naved made his mark in the GCC as being recognised as an advisor to the UAE Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MoID) and many other tier 1 companies within the region for aerial and mapping solutions.

Naved is the founding member of VTOL DYNAMICS and is pleased to provide a streamlined concept for all end clients who wish to incorporate aerial and mapping services.


Naved brings his management and technical skills to assist with the process from end to end on all projects.

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