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Now Showing Under Water

Post-2022, VTOL Dynamics decided to not just map and inspect assets above ground but also venture and inspect below the sea.

With its specialist team dedicated to underwater inspections for global inspections, the team is based out of the United Arab Emirates and is only a call away.

Technical Specifications for dive:

  • 150m depth rated

  • Dual Sonar avoidance systems

  • 4-6 hour dive duration

  • Live HD feed for an inspection team

  • 600 Lumens LED lighting system


Applications can consist of the following:

  • Ship hull and vessel inspection

  • Seafloor and pipeline inspection

  • Underwater search and rescue missions

  • Bridge, Reservoir & Dam inspection

  • Hydrological environment monitoring

  • Offshore windfarm inspection and monitoring

  • Fish farms inspection and monitoring

  • General Visual Inspection (GVI) and Close Visual Inspection (CVI)

ROV - Underwater Inspection

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